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Expert Analysis of Film – LACRIME DI VENTO

Anubhav Chakraborty

September 29, 2023 4 min read




A story of redemption that’s beautifully portrayed by the actor denounces a gang rape but can also refer to any kind of violent act like psychological violence. The film has a hint of karmic value and the performers have portrayed it beautifully that will touch a chord. Stella Dan Maso and Martina Meneghini have acted fabulously by using their body language and facial expressions to denote the regret and pain that lie in the depths of the heart.

This story of redemption doesn’t have the actors crying, but the psychological pain enacted and the captivating acting of the performers are enough to convey the agony and aching of the heart. The girl is shown in distress, agony and pain. A stinging pain that’s coming directly from the heart, a wound that is uncontrollable and no medicine can soothe the pain that’s causing anguish from within. The world feels like a lonely place, the sunshine is lost and it all seems dull with no hope. The memories of violence and torment don’t fade but it all comes back in the blink of an eye. The pain is so beautifully depicted by the performers that it seems real. 

The regret in this film is undeniable. The summer feels cold, yet no one seems to wait or remember anything that happened. Yet the act of violence comes into the picture, like a nightmare haunting which takes the breath away. 

The actor here recalls the screams of pain, the agony and the torment she went through. She tries to remove the memories but it keeps coming back. These memories are probably of some violent act that she suffered from and that has now psychologically impacted her. While the actor covers her face trying to forget the past, the memories come rushing back – the horrific memories that terrorise her to the core and make her numb in the end.

The trauma gives rise to fear as she looks around and sees no one – but still feels unsafe. The girl in the film portrays how it feels after an act of violence. While some feel suicidal, she dislikes everything about her and blames her cardiac functioning to keep her alive. She is still alive and the feeling of being alive and her respiratory functions makes her feel more terrible than ever. Something is dead inside her as she feels torn and devastated to face the reality of the violence.

The girl finds peace as an angel comes and undresses her and takes her into her arms. She stays in her arms and rests peacefully. However, both of them are inside the water. 

Water in movies signifies pain, tears and deep sorrow. Probably, the angel can feel her anguish and by holding the girl together is trying to help her sane without drowning in sorrow. As the angel tries to keep the girl afloat it shows how the woman is struggling to stay stable and confront her fears, agony and the turmoil that is going on inside her.

This movie is heart-wrenching and thought-provoking. It depicts the emotions felt by humans after a violent act and how they struggle from within to come to terms with it. This movie is a must-watch if you are a thinker and want to witness the emotions felt by individuals at the deepest levels. Without many words and only through actions, the emotion can be felt and understood. The movie is portrayed wonderfully and the white colour portrays the purity, innocence and peace that shouldn’t be lost. The white colour is aesthetically pleasing and is proof of how the innocent suffer through acts of violence. This masterpiece is a cinematic gem that ponders on the complexities of a victim’s emotions and is a must-watch if you are looking for an emotionally stimulating film.

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