Beyond the Curve International Film Festival

Celebrating Democratization of Art

What is filmmaking but a deeper desire to reinterpret the world around us. A film by definition is made up of manipulations, reimagining time and space intertwined with a desire to create a parallel narrative which sometimes speaks for, but often speaks against the ‘Status Quo’.

Our film festival embodies that spirit of filmmaking, the continuous effort to push the boundaries of the accepted norm and the never-ending struggle to evolve the medium. At the core of our film festival lies the firm belief in democratising art. It is that belief in the decentralised structure of art and its dissemination which materialized itself in the form of this film festival.

We strive to provide a platform for those who think ‘beyond the curve’. ‘The Curve’ represents the limitations filmmakers are bound to because of the commercial exploitation of the art called ‘cinema’. We choose to present a platform where films are not means of commercial narrative but weapons of change and a call to action.

If you think you fit the above-mentioned portfolio and want to create films for the sake of art and only for the sake of art, we welcome you to join us.

We screen the winners of every season online. Our annual event has a live screening with an audience in France where we screen the selected best works.

We offer you an alternative in this world filled with squared frames and consumerist confetti wrapped in industrialized greed. We offer you a place where you can experiment and innovate and be recognized for it.

That’s us. Submit today and let us know you.