Our approach to awards and recognition, is rather simplistic and to the point. BCIFF awards it’s winners with a personalized certificate and official laurels. Certificates are exclusively given to winners. We admit, we are a bit proud of our certificates. You would be too if your certificates brought out as many genuine smile as ours do. Scroll down to see more happiness.


Alex Gulland

LOCK 4 TIMES, was directed, produced & edited by Alex Gulland and it is her debut feature documentary, short film.
Alex is an Essex resident and has been creating advertising content since 2010, when she set up the production company – CONTENTED BRANDS,
Alex – is a qualified LEAP Practitioner and also trained in Natural Horsemanship.
As well as filming and working as an Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner Alex is also a part-time student at Southend University where she is completing a counselling course


Micha Meyer

Micha Meyer is a director and writer, known for Weekend in the Forest (2020), Downfall (2021) and Wahre Nachfolge (2020).

Bilal Hussain

Bilal Hussain is an award winning indie filmmaker, since 2011 he has written, directed & produced seven short films. This year (2021) he will celebrate ten years anniversary as an indie filmmaker. He is a Pakistani-Canadian citizen, who lives in Esbjerg, Denmark. He works at a local television station “Tv-Glad Esbjerg” as an anchor & cameraman and has his own film critic segment program. Besides work and filmmaking, he has written two crime-fiction books and has been a film judge at the “Tokyo Lift-Off Sessions” and “Box Short Film Festival”.

Burnham Holmes

Burnham Holmes is an actor and writer, known for Zoom Shorts (2020), Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours (2014) and  Lawstin Woods (2013).

Alicia Ocana

Alicia Ocana is an actress and writer, known for Ashes, We’re Fine and Like a Doll (2020).

Lawrence Degala

Lawrence Degala started acting only recently. Leaving the real estate market and entering “Show Biz,” Lawrence proves that an old dog
can learn new tricks. On July 2011, he received Official Finalist Award in the Documentary Film Competition for his 2010 feature-length
mockumentary “Contagion: The Macabre World of the Zombie Hunter” at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, gaining worldwide
distribution through Amazon.com.

Pierre Gaffié

Pierre Gaffié is an French Filmmaker and Journalist . He is a director and writer, known for The Dolphin-Skin City (2014), Radio Moon (2018) and Relativity Explained to Children (2012).

Nigel Mulligan

Nigel Mulligan is an director and writer known for his 2019 movie Dust.

Arjun Pala

Arjun Pala is a student filmmaker and Producer known for his directed movie In-sight(2020) and Foolsproof (2021) and his two produced film Loophole (2021) and Merry Bloody Christmas(2020).

Nicolai Tegeler

Nicolai Tegeler is an actor and director, known for Zu den Sternen (2020), Ediths Glocken – Der Film (2016) and Steam City (2015).

Jillian Vitko

Jillian Vitko is an actor in NYC, but she wears many other hats as well! She loves creating her own work, and the 2020 lockdown has been no exception. She’s currently adapting her one woman show Synesthesia the Musical into a feature film, and she’s made several “quaran-films” since March.

Uwe Schwarzwalder

Uwe Schwarzwalder is an actor and producer, known for The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd (2017), The Spiritualization of Jeff Boyd and A Tangled Web (2015).

Jörg Reichlin

Jörg Reichlin  is an actor and director, known for Am Rande der Zeiten (2020), The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd (2017) and Bruchstein (2008).

Wendy Spinks and Clea Mallinson

Wendy Spinks and Clea Mallinson both are writer and director . Clea Mallinson is an editor as well who edited different TV series like Team Jay (2019) Boxed Warriors (2019) . The documentary film I am Chuma is edited by Clea Mallinson co-directed with Wendy Spinks.

Irene Gianeselli

Irene Gianeselli (born 8 September 1997) is an Italian journalist, film critic member of the SNCCI, pianist, actress and playwright, writer and director. In 2016 she founded the Felici Molti Association and she directs its main projects. In 2020 she obtained a Master’s Degree in Visual and Performing Arts Studies at the University of Bari. Irene Gianeselli is the winner of the XIX Fabrizio De André Prize for Poetry. “The man who measures the World” is her first short film born as part of her Festival “Conversations – Literature is on stage”.

Andrew Spinks

Art school trained with experience of working on numerous projects as a storyboard / concept artist; Andrew Spinks has made several short films and continues his own personal artistic practice.

Lynn Elliott

An award-winning playwright and screenplay writer, as well as a novelist. He love writing stories, delving into characters and creating dialog that functions in many different forms.


Joseph Karimbeik

Joseph Hossein Karimbeik, is an English-American theatre director/actor. Joseph Karimbeik has two children: Yasamin Karimbeik and William Karimbeik.


Karimbeik is best known for portraying the character Raschid in Mona Lisa (1986), Colonel Hassan Ali in Half Moon Street (1986), Hossein in Brothers (2004) and Lugash secret policeman in Curse of the Pink Panther (1983), as well as television series like the Cold Warrior (1984).


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Film Studies (Ph.D)

aL Washington




Kimberly Fisher

Bojana Kos Grabar


Dr. Ingo Bruchhold


Michael Cooper