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Infinite Love by Anaya Music Kunst : Interview

Movie : Infinite Love
Director : Anaya

Infinite Love
Anubhav Chakraborty

June 10, 2021 4 min read

“Once in Time”, is an enchanting cinematic composition led by a full orchestra of string and brass instruments that eventually swell to a crescendo.

The video translates the infinite love over the Earth and Skies , expressed in Nature and the meaningful expression of day to day life.


Director Biography

Anaya, a multi award winning artist, (MSc,PhD,Post Doctor) is a timeless composer and an ethereal vocalist, passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and the universal vibration of love and peace. she has a penchant for strings, movies, and music.


Ma’am could you tell us more about how you developed a concept like this? The plethora of incorporations required and the vast scope makes the project immensely intimidating. Did you have any inhibitions? If any, what were they?


I always do a 32” meditation before working and then the subjects, approaches, sounds and images come to my mind before my eyes like a movie. And all is fluid like the stars in the universe.


“Life is a Dream in the Infinite Love of the Universe.” You have tried to express your thoughts about the video through this beautifully written message. Could you tell us more about this message?


Yes “Life is 3D dream” the reality of the Being is beyond and to be seen with your Soul and in inner expressions of your universe.

The movie almost resembles a soothing roller coaster ride where the fall is as fascinating as the rise. There is a certain tempo to the flow of images and the music that has been consciously coordinated. Could you tell us more about this?


All is happening in the Soul and I just channel and translate into the 3D here and now.


The images both move and still play a vital role in giving life to the movie, making the experience more Visceral. Can you tell us about the choice of images, how they were selected and inserted inside a carefully crafted structure?


The images must translate the light beyond Earth and the fact that are out of the Matrix and common paradigm lived by all. The Quantum Mind paradigm is very deep and elevates the vibration of inner bodies bringing more awareness and mindfulness.


The music plays a vital role in this movie. We believe you have a potent knack for music. Could you tell us how and when you fell in love with music?


I am always in love and in fact I am love and Light so all I do is just Be myself.

All comes. Together music and images. I do a draft and after that I start creating the final version. It can be done in 1 hour, 2 hours and sometimes years. The time is unknown.


Your love for nature is for one and all to see and duly appreciate. I guess you find a certain rhythm in nature, in the raindrops, in the rustling of the leaves, and in the patience of the birds. What do you see in nature that enthralls you the most?


Nature Mother Earth. Mother Nature that gives to the Humankind all they need to live in Earth. Nature heals and give us all vital force and elements to transcend life here.


Who are your favourite music composers?


My preferred is Schubert, Alexander Desplat and Ennio Morricone.


What are your favourite music instruments?


Keyboards Guitar and violins


Who do you absolutely admire as a filmmaker? Someone you’d like to emulate.




Did you have ‘The Tree of Life’ by Terrence Malick in your mind while making the movie? The thought process seems to follow a similar pattern in a number of places, especially the idea of life transgressing individual existence.




Ma’am, the movie takes us back to the poems of Wordsworth and Shelley, to the pieces of Emerson and the songs of Rabindranath Tagore. Were you also inspired by these artists who could hear the symphony of nature?


Not at all.

Anaya Music Kunst
Ma’am , the modern man is annihilating nature every day. He has managed to turn nature into his nemesis. When climate change is such a raging issue, how important is it for us to fall back into the lap of nature, find love in nature?


Nature brings unveiling secrets that will change you forever.

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