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Interview With Director, Writer Victoria G.

Anubhav Chakraborty

June 20, 2022 5 min read

Movie : Noise
Director : Victoria G.

Ma’am , you have dexterously explored the domain of noise. Can you tell us something about the title of the movie?

The title of the film is inspired by the snowy effect that occurs when a TV has no signal. This visual is commonly referred to as static or noise.

How did you want to explore the concept of noise through your story?

I wanted to explore it by being very literal. Noise is not only the snowy effect on a no signal TV, but it also refers to what we hear. This is why I had music play such an important part in the film.

When and how did you come up with the story? Tell us about the initial days and tell us if the story was any different to the current one.

I came up with the story based on my own obsession with my TV. I love watching shows and movies on a daily bases and am super protective of my TV. The concept came to me rather quickly with no changes being made from start to finish.

How would you define horror? Would the definition include a strong presence of suspense and thrill in the stories?

I would define horror as a way to make an audience feel immersed in a story. No matter how fictional a horror film plot may seem, a viewer could get so wrapped up in it that they believe it could potentially happen. Absolutely, a strong presence of suspense and thrill is massively important in horror.

What would be that one movie for you that you would recommend everyone to watch? A movie that you are never tired of watching.

There are a lot, but I understand not everyone has the same taste. One that I recommend often is Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) because while on the surface it may seem like a simple family movie, it truly has a lot of heart and humor. It allows the audience to feel in such a way that most people wouldn’t expect a “kid movie” to do.

How much time did it exactly take you to complete the screenplay? Were there certain specifications that you had to specially keep in mind for the movie?

I finished the screenplay in less than an hour. I knew I wanted to utilize a very minimalist style of filmmaking, so I ensured while writing the screenplay that I stayed true to that.

What role does the background score play in a movie driven by suspense? How do you think it adds to the intense nature of a narrative like this?

I wanted for the background score to almost be like its own character. I chose one song from a free use website and played with the audio settings. By doing this, it allowed me to create more suspense in the movie.

What do you have to say about your own performance? We definitely liked it. Is it a little challenging to direct and act in the same film?

Well first all, thank you! To be honest, I think I did okay considering I’m not much of an actress. Trust me, if I had the financial means I would have cast somebody much better than me (laughs). It was challenging in terms of not being too hard on myself in the moment. However, the easy thing about it was that I only have myself to blame if the finished product is not up to par. If I’m unhappy, I could easily go back and reshoot whenever I want instead of calling people to come back.

Have you shown the television as an ominous entity? Something that practically turns people into lazy individuals in the long run, making their lives sedentary to say the least.

I understand when it comes to television, that is the way a lot of people think. I know back in the day, it was called “the idiot box”. I am a proud “TV Kid” because for me, TV was always an escape from reality and a way to educate myself. In my film, I wanted to focus on obsession in general, not to show TV in a bad light at all.

The descent from order to chaos has been shown in an adroit fashion. A normal day turns into a chaotic nightmare in a matter of seconds. What do you have to say about this?

That was my intention. I wanted to show how a normal day could very quickly turn into a nightmare, because that’s life sometimes. You could be having the best day, and then an hour later it could become the worst day of your life. I’ve always loved realism in films and wanted to show that myself.

In the climax the television is shown consuming the protagonist. Do you think technology turns us into docile bodies that are fragile and ineffective. Does it consume us in the long run like David Foster Wallace believed?

I think if one is not careful with how much they use technology and what they use it for, it can certainly have negative effects. However, there are so many positives that I’ve personally experienced in regards to technology. I’ve always felt I wouldn’t be the person I am today without television and film in so many ways. It never particularly consumed my life, but it has always been a companion to me.

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