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5 short films you should not miss

5 short award winning short films
Anubhav Chakraborty

June 14, 2021 3 min read

Film lovers always have a thirst for short stories. The special thing about short films is the time management while also having the twist in first hand. With the rush of modern life, it is noticed by several surveys that people are becoming more fond of short film and TV serieses rather than full length feature films.

If you are a follower of short films and are looking for some classic award winning short stories to check out, here is what you need to read out! Here are top 5 short award winning short films from different corners of the world which should not be missed at any cost!

Ahalya (2015)

It’s a 14 minutes Bengali short film (from India) directed by Sujoy Ghosh in 2015. It contains three main characters. It has received comments about being a paradoxical story while at the same time keeping the storyline interesting and mysterious. The story is about a mysterious stone which can turn humans into sculptures. The main three characters are played by the iconic Soumitra Chatterjee from Tollywood industry, Radhika Apte and Tota Roy chowdhury. Being informed about the mysterious stone, the police go for inquiry in the house but then he steps into a paradox that takes everything back to square one.

The Gunfighter (2014)

It is an western short film which has got several award nominations for its mind blowing twist. The film is directed by Eric Kissack which shows a group of people inside a saloon busy breaking the fourth wall. The duration of this film is 7 minutes and the director has managed to portray a paradoxically cubical breakthrough with amazing shots. In the story the group of people connects to the narrator while busy in the act of breaking the fourth wall.

A paperboy (2016)

The paperboy is a story of an orphan kid from the city of joy – Kolkata, India. The film is essentially of a duration of 15 minutes, and is directed by Aniket Mitra. It revolves around the life of the orphan boy who slowly walks towards his dreams and becomes happy with entering a better life. He delivers newspapers in houses and lives a homeless life in the Ganga ghats of Kolkata. But one day when he receives an anonymous shoe, his life starts to change. The appearance of the boy and facial expressions becomes the most appreciated things about the film.

The chair short film (2012)

The chair is a 13 minutes short film by Grainger David and is produced by Caroline Oliveira. It is a story of a small town where an outbreak of mysterious poisonous mold happens.  Through that it shows a small kid’s attempt to seek the reason for his mothers death and his grandmother’s exclusive obsession with a discarded recliner.

Anukul (2017)

It is a science fiction bengali language drama film of 21 minutes from Kolkata (India). It showcases the modern day robotic world and how the control of robots can lead the world to a dangerous and togher situation. It also deals with the emotion part of the robotic world that is often talked about in many films.

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