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5 things about making films that nobody told you about

Anubhav Chakraborty

June 13, 2021 4 min read

Sitting in the theatre and watching a motion picture on the screen is one of the most relaxing and easy things to do as the world says. But when it comes to the fact of standing behind the camera and recording the reels, well, it is sometimes as hard as climbing the tallest mountain peak of the world! From the very initial stage of the birth of cinema, filmmaking has always been regarded as one of the toughest jobs to do in the list of professions.

But life is where the heart is right? Cinema lovers may sometimes get the inkling of the struggle of filmmaking who are critical analysers in general. But the one standing behind the camera, is the only person who can feel the joy of struggle but at the same time, can never explain it. We get several studies about filmmaking and editing from different sources. But today, this article may showcase some of the most uncustomary points of filmmaking that you would ever get to know! After collecting some expert opinions and cinematic discussion, here is to reveal 5 things about filmmaking that nobody told you about before.

  1. You are the only one

You are the head of yourself now. Well, filmmaking is of course a team work and  is not complete at all with its production. But the possibility always lies entirely in the hands of the director and the actions taken by him. And guess what? Again, life is where risk and success meet. Being the independent head of everything has its own risk as well as the joy that directors sometimes tend to enjoy throughout.

2.  If its a fail then there is no turn back

No matter how much creativity and genuineness the filmmaker pours into his work, sometimes it may go wrong. And the naked truth about filmmaking is, if it somehow fails to fill the thirst of the audiences’ mind and loses the success first hand, there is no turn back for that piece. There have been several instances of again trying and being successful, with the next shots, but when it goes wrong, it cannot be retrieved for a particular piece.

3. An actor’s faith can be exploited

The skill and performance of an actor is somewhere the spine of a film. But at times, while maintaining the bridge between the director and the editor, the choices and the raw suggestions by an actor may sometimes get ignored enough. After all its head of the house who decides which part to keep and which to let grow. Hence, the actor is sometimes just the tool to achieve the execution at its best form.

4. The selfless self of an actor

 If you are to act a character out, you have to stop being the person you actually are in real life. The immersion of individuality by the actor is the most valuable key to achieve success for a film. More selfless the actor is, the more real the film gets stuck in the eyes of its audience. But again, this act of devotion through immersion is still keeping the spark of every superhit alive! For actors that might be challenging to balance the two tracks, but well, that is what makes Dicaprio, Dicaprio and Al pacino, Al pacino!

5. Good money is a tough deal now

You cannot really rely on the fact that you will earn a good living out of making super creative films. Since the definition of creativity differs from head to head, it might not be a very certain way to depend on. So the risk and the success is proportional sometimes. But no matter what ideas are your films on, it’s always tough to earn good money if you are not a person with experience and a bundle of previous works.

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