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Curtis Pollock’s debut film ‘Roommate’ promises an impressive impact!

Anubhav Chakraborty

March 29, 2022 3 min read

Movie : Roommate 

Director : Curtis Pollock 


Where do we go when all our senses are numb? Who will be there to guide us when everything goes down? Is it alright to trust a stranger? 

 The movie Roommate makes us ponder upon such issues as we, along with Alexis, delve deeper into the secrets of Austin, Texas. The movie is visually appealing, and thematically fascinating.

The story begins with Alexis, unhappy and discontent with her life in New York City. As her company lays her off, she desperately ventures out to transform her life in a new light. Seeing an advertisement from a woman named Brenda asking for a roommate, Alexis rushes up and moves herself to a new strange city – Austin. But ever since her arrival, she fails to find Brenda. The story then focuses on Alexis finding Brenda and on her way to investigate the matter she meets people who would change her life drastically.

The film is of the thriller, neo-noir genre. The director has played with his characters well. The suspense and thrill associated with them is well maintained throughout the film. The moments of suspense are well built and perfectly choreographed. The cinematography of the film is helmed by Charlie Pearce. Pearce has played with the shadow and light techniques to bring out the rawness of the mysterious world and his excellence shines in the scenes where Alexis is shown to be shaken up by her surroundings. 

The movie has an amazing set of actors who have given shape to the director’s vision. Danielle Evon Ploeger plays Alexis, our lead and Johnny Mars plays Eric towards whom Alexis feels instantly attracted and eventually creates a connection. Kelsey Pribilski plays Brenda’s former mysterious roommate Carol and Nick W. Nicholson plays Derek, Brenda’s ex boyfriend.

The movie uses elements that represent the culture of Austin well and this particular element makes the movie stand out and appeal to people more. Austin is known for its live music and liveliness and the director has been able to capture that very essence in his film. He says, ” Like so many other transplants to Austin, live music was one of the big factors that drew me to the city, and I’ve spent much of my film career here working with musicians. One of my goals for The Roommate, as we began shooting in late 2019, was to feature as many Austin artists as possible. All of the music in the film is by Austin locals. And I wanted to give viewers the essential Austin experience as they searched the city with Alexis: going from outdoor stage to bar to party to club, hearing amazing music at every turn.” 

The neo-noir genre has so much to offer to its viewers and each and every interpretation gets more unique with time! Roommate explores the suspense and makes the viewers stick to their seats. The climax is well built and without a doubt, the best part of the film. Debutante writer-director Curtis Pollock has attempted to create a visual pleasure on screen called Roommate, and he has made a wonderful outcome of it.

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