Statue Of Excellence

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Our festival has always strived to achieve and promote excellence. That’s why we chose the golden colour, as it represents success and excellence. The human shape represents an ideal inclusive humanity , where a human is not defined by cast or creed but principles.

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The elimination of various walls from society is to personify every one of its members of the ways excellence can be achieved by anyone. The filmmakers who strive to produce films to reduce these barriers are the deserving candidates for the Statue of Excellence. Hence the golden colour of this award ventures the heart of every filmmaker wrapped with gold. This trophy brings the art of cinema to decorate a fine line with feathers made of gold. This sheer beauty of the trophy reflects an aura of a happy and jovial society that comes together to celebrate films.

This span of unity is showcased by the Statue of Excellence where everyone is commemorated by the laurels to stretch for several years. This is the unity that claims a jovial society where all the members come together as the narrow walls dissolve into oblivion. The Statue of Excellence resembles such beauty to the world by awarding stupendous films and their makers.


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