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Films to Remember 2021 – Our take on most anticipated films of the Year

10 most anticipated films
Anubhav Chakraborty

June 10, 2021 3 min read

It’s not only a new year but a new year with a new list of films through the eyes of the film lovers. With all the curse full days of 2020, the exhausted viewers are now waiting with thirsty eyes for some amazing scripts to witness through the screen! And there is no point to deny that 2021 is for real bringing up some valuable gift for the film fanatics. If you are just trying to fill your hunger of films initially, you are at the right place! Here is the list of 10 most anticipated films of 2021 for you to explore!

Chungking Express 2020 – By Wong Kar Wai

Chungking Express 2020
The legendary filmmaker from Hong Kong is yet to release the second version of his superhit film Chungking Express that was previously released in 1994. The story again revolves around the previous two characters overcoming their emotional breakages through dreamy interactions. But this time, the viewers are quite unsure about the tone and the feel of the second version.


The French Dispatch – by Wes Anderson

The French Dispatch

The main idea of the film revolves around the publication of a particular anthology after the death of an Editor in chief of a magazine. The movie is shown by the lens of the stories of the anthology that involves student violence as well as imprisonment.


Pretend Its a City – by Martin Scorsese

10 most anticipated films

The destiny of every film lover, Martin Scorsese is about to release his new series pretend its a city where the humorist Lebowitz is engaged in a conversation with the director about the insights of Times Square and the entire New York city.


Memoria – by Apichatpong Weerasethakul


A story of interactions between an orchid farmer and an archeologist is portrayed. The archeologist lady being a musician may bring the utmost drama that may undoubtedly take the film to another level.


Annette – by Leos Carax

10 most anticipated films

The main plot lies on a family where the husband is a stand up comedian while the wife is a world famous soprano. But the story takes another turn when their daughter is born with an unworldly gift. It’s a perfect musical drama with a little touch of family!


On Dry grass – by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

On Dry grass

The story is mainly based on the Anatolia peninsula of western Asia where a young teacher is on a remote area mission. And now he is about to be assigned for another mission in Istanbul.


Last Night in Soho – by Edgar Wright

10 most anticipated films
The theme of the main plot is horror following the facts of time travelling. An aspiring fashion designer goes back to 60’s london where she meets her idol who is a wannabe singer. But the consequences of the time zone shifts change the story later.


Soggy Bottom – by Paul Thomas Anderson

The director of the masterpiece movie Punch Drunk Love is coming up with his new film Soggy bottom where the protagonist plays the character of a high school kid who is also a renowned and successful child actor.


Nomadland – by Chloe Zhao

10 most anticipated films

It’s a story of a modern day nomad who started her journey just after the collapse of her company in Nevada. Her wills tend to explore the things outside conventional society as she starts her journey in solace by packing her bags and leaving for no settled destination.

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