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The lighting Path to Live in Love, Peace and Harmony – Dragon’s Gate | Interview with Anaya Kunst

Anubhav Chakraborty

August 03, 2022 4 min read

Movie : Dragon’s Gate

Director : Anaya Music Kunst


Ma’am, please tell us something about the origin of Dragon’s Gate. Where and when did you come up with the story? 

Usually I see images of the story and the musical notes. Then the script start coming too. I am big fan of Game of Thrones. Also I like this transcendence of the animal side to a human and lovable side. The end of conflicts and war by an understanding of more human nature. And I believe that working on fantasy and mythology we can get more deep inside to transform archetypes.


Tell us about the importance of stories in a person’s life,children and adults alike. Don’t you think it allows one a prolonged breathing space in times of stress? 

Yes off course. As I said when we dive into mythologies, the arquetypes appear and we work from that on to enhance humankind.


How would you define fantasy? Why do you think it still plays a significant part in stories and movies? 

Fantasy is the most real aspect of the inner feelings of a person. The creativity and imagination work together to build other realities that translate an inner feeling that would be possible in what people call reality.


Were you inspired by the stories of George R.R Martin, J . R. R Tolkien, J.K Rowling? What are the novels or stories that you would like to suggest to the lovers of fantasy? 

Yes they inspired me a lot. I would suggest of children story, mythologies and archetypes present in all civilizations. What is real or not depends on the angle you are looking and from which dimension you are approaching.


Were there films or filmmakers that drove you towards the bioscope? What or who were the driving factors that made you fall in love with movies?  

During my travels. And I have traveled a lot. I always wanted to know more about the cultures of the countries that I visited. I started doing small movies and I decided to study about that. For 3 years I did a lot of courses and then went to practice.

How have you used the concepts of ascension and evolution in the movie? What role do they play in the narrative?

Evolution of mankind as humans and Ascension to elevate the body vibrations : physical, emotional, spiritual and the evolution of senses and perception of the universe in movement.


What do you think is the most appealing feature of visual storytelling? What do you think makes it an attractive medium of communication and entertainment?

When you have sounds , music, images you can have an integration of the senses of Perception of the universe in movement and that is impermanent and vibrates.


Tell us something about the presence of a myriad colours in the frames. They not only embellish the frame but also add value to the story as indicators of life and hope. 


Mystery and fluency of changing states of light also helping to show the movement in the universe .


The music plays a potent part in the movie as well. What role do you think the background music plays in a movie like this? How important do you think it is for the technical aspects to work in perfect harmony? 

Music gives the harmony for the emotional movement of the movie.


The story only becomes powerful with the use of certain technical aspects. There are mythical dimensions in the narrative as well. However at the end of it all, Dragon’s Gate is a story about hope and liberation. It is about finding glee at the end of a tunnel of uncertainty and despair. Do you agree? 

Yes, good that you mentioned that. We need to overcome hardship and go into other galaxy gates to choose the Path of evolution. But for me still remains the meaning of Existence by itself. I still have questions that are understandable only by the eyes of perception and feelings, not by the mind or intellect.

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