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From Egypt to England – Leroy Rogers Takes us on a Trip

Anubhav Chakraborty

July 22, 2022 3 min read

Movie- Transgressor

Director- Leroy Rogers


Rebirth always follows death.”

― Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology


Incarnation or rebirth is one phenomenon that still keeps the scientists divided. It has not been proved scientifically whether rebirth is legitimate but certain incidents surely shake up our conception of reality and imagination. The events give birth to fascinating stories that keep us enthralled for ages. Writer-actor Pawan Sahni has written down such a magnificent story in the form of ‘Transgressor’. Pawan Sahni has incorporated two of the most enchanting elements, reincarnation and Egypt, to weave his revenge saga. 

The short film begins when a man seeking to resolve his past comes to a psychoanalyst. He claims that he had been a vizier and later a pharaoh from ancient Egypt in his early life. He claims to visit the expert for finding his answers and to substantiate his belief. The man informs the psychoanalyst how the flashbacks from his past life are haunting him, as he gradually reveals how he usurped the throne of his brother. He shares that he has been having visions daily – and they show how tyrannical he had been to his subjects. The man in the present seems to believe that whatever he has faced in this life, is all connected to his karma and how he lived in the past. Simultaneously, we see the glimpse of the distant past and the plot starts to thicken. The psychoanalyst now comes to the forefront as we are made to delve deeper into his mind, the tangled threads of the past starts to loosen up. The two men talk in order to find a clue from the past and their conversation eventually paves a path for the revelation of a bigger mystery. The movie’s climactic point heightens the drama and the suspense and keeps the viewers glued to their seats.

The story is innovative and refreshing. It has all the essential elements of the thriller. But not only that, the story also highlights the dark passages of the human mind where they nurture their secrets.Director Leroy Rogers has successfully adapted Pawan Sahni’s story into this beautifully crafted movie.The movie is fast paced and captures the viewers’ attention in an instant. The past unfolds slowly and leaves a jarring impact. The story becomes predictable in the last few minutes, but still the director manages to keep the attention of the viewer. The author himself portrays the patient and the former pharaoh. Sunil Patel portrays the psychoanalyst. Both of them have been able to create a suffocating tense situation through their acting. The cinematography of this film is commendable. The scenes of ancient Egypt show a better understanding of the culture. Though the film did not have much budget, the makers didn’t shy back from taking a chance. As a result we can witness such a great film. 

The movie is great and Leroy Rogers have the potential to create something magnificent.

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