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Reviewing Call Me by Your Name ~ A queer classic by Luca Guagadnino ~

Call Me by Your Name
Anubhav Chakraborty

June 13, 2021 4 min read

Call Me by Your Name a masterpiece made by Andre Aciman’s extraordinary writing skills coupled with Luca Guagadnino’s direction, has become an iconic allegory in the world of queer community. One day a novelist from America started running his pen to write a romantic story of 1980s Italy, and now his words have reached the hearts of people around the world by magical visuals created by Italian filmmaker Mr. Guadagnino.

It would always fall short no matter how much one writes / talks about the film! Call me by your name has made its way to the LGBTQ+ community by its aesthetic presentation of multiple sexuality. In the scorching summer of Italy, the 17 years old Elio (who already has a girlfriend) falls in love with a 24 years old American – Jewish scholar boy Oliver, who is an intern under his father. Aesthetic youth icon Timothee Chalamet playing Elio and Armie Hammer playing Oliver, the overall cast of the film has been discussed and appreciated big time since the release of the film!

As the main plot of the story revolves around the bridge between sexual orientation and blossoming romance, it has got a high margin of applause from the queer community and the youth of the world overall. It literally made every moviegoer think about their summer flings of the yore! After 10 years of the release of the actual novel, the adaptation has taken place. And now it seems like, the way the film has been made, it could not have got into any better shape than this. The romance of the two people is depicted in such an artistic way, that it is pretty hard to find in recent romantic films. Otherwise why would it get the longest standing ovation in the history of the New York film festival!

As the story moves forward, the color tone of the film along with two lovers’ crazy romance, reaches warmth to every heart of its viewers! With everyday interaction and swimming, being a part of Italy’s summer, the two souls fall for each other leaving everything behind them. The film has gotten noticed in many ways since there has not been any other movie like this showing male romance in such a comforting and intense way. As they paddle their cycles in the summer streets of Italy, throughout the movie, the more butterflies start to flutter in watchers’ bellies. But, hurting the comfort of the audience, the last part of the film leaves some painful stains in their minds.

Another notable thing about the film is the cameo of the writer of the masterpiece! Andre Aciman has been seen playing the role of a guest called Mounir in a dinning. According to an interview by New York Times, he only agreed for the cameo as the whole crew wanted him to be a part of the film visually. On the other hand, piano, being a vivid part f the film has added some extra sweet to the entire composition. A 17 years old boy, who is a piano player in 1980s Italy, madly in love..how much more dreamy anything can be for the romance lovers? Besides, songs like Visions of Gideon and Mystery of Love are just some extra cream to the cake to enhance the integrity of their romance.

Well, since 2019, there has been talks of Andre Aciman, writing a sequel of Call me by your name, that he named as Find Me. It says that the novel deals with AIDS and many other things. But the fans have been pretty skeptical about a sequel film being made out of it!

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