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Zombie Beach

Zombie Beach
Anubhav Chakraborty

November 16, 2021 3 min read


Movie: Zombie Beach

Director: Mukesh Asopa


” There is no denying that there is evil in this world but the light will always conquer the darkness.”   ~ Idowu Koyenikan


Zombie Beach” is a tale about the tussle between good and evil. It is set on the premise of a deal between them where the undead act as agents of evil impeding the quest of the protagonist to free a trapped soul. Throughout the film, the sequences of mortals (good) and the zombies (evil) have been juxtaposed as the director wishes the viewers to know about their deeds, their gestures their modes of operation at all times. The setting gyrates around a beach occupied by the undead that is ready to pounce on any trespassers who come their way. 

The movie begins with an exposition sequence where the narrator is heard revealing the mysteries behind a number of occurrences. He also narrates a number of philosophical and theological propositions around the binary of good and evil. There is a slight indication of prolepsis found in the tale of the narrator when he is discussing the heroic antics of a person who was destined with the task of defeating evil and liberating the trapped souls from the beach that kept them like captives for years. (store.connect4education.com) A certain amount of human urges and sensations have been highlighted in a number of scenes. Evidently, the director desires to connect these sensations to fear, universal angst in mankind that would later create psychological pitfalls. The agent of these pitfalls according to the director would be fear. 

The director must be credited for creating a cogent structure out of the narrative. It was important for him to place the scenes in an appropriate sequence. The Cinematographer must also be credited for his dexterous use of coloured and black-white scenes. 

The background score induces in the viewers a sense of anxiety for what is to come. The performances in specific scenes were decent, specially when the narrator is narrating and a number of events take place on the screen. 

Zombie Beach uses the premise of the undead (zombies) in an attempt to clearly indicate the difference between good and evil. It also indicates that the good would eventually defeat evil in their own trade and our inner zombies would give up in due course of time. The beach here is a symbol of space where according to the director man must have unlimited access. 


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