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Move On (Music Video) : Featured Article

Move On Music Video
Anubhav Chakraborty

March 19, 2022 3 min read

Move On

Director – Gerardo Hernández 

Singer – Ketsyha 


We humans often give up easily, we let the negative things impact us and make us live in despair for a long time. Moving on is never easy, especially after enduring all the blows that uproot us from our core. But there is hope in every little thing, the hope inspires us to break the negativity and recreate new opportunities. Our surroundings inspire us to get better, no matter how odd the situation gets. “Move On”, written and sung by Ketsyha and directed by Gerardo Hernández, is such a song. The song is all about learning the power of letting go.

The music video shows different characters overcoming their grief and moving on to the next chapters of their lives. This music video is all about inspiring others and making them realize their self-worth, and teaching them how to harbour hope and love even in the darkest times. In this music video Puerto Rican R&B/Soul singer Ketsyha expresses her personal struggle and call others to discover their true potential and fight the advertisities that strangle their development. The first stanza of the song alludes to the hurricane Maria that ransacked Puerto Rico back in 2017. From the song it is evident that the hurricane not only devastated the land but also the lives of its inhabitants.

The music video is directed by Gerardo Hernández. He impeccably presents the core essence of the song through his video. In the video, Hernández shows four individuals, trapped inside their own turmoil through vivid pictorial representation. The video beautifully captures the mental trauma each character goes through. The four individuals endure depression, fear, anxiety and loss. They lose hope but eventually like Phoenix they rise. The pain each of them bear makes them separated from the rest of the world. Hernández in the video shows how pain binds us together, helps us to understand the gravity of a situation and gives us strength to push through the tough times. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Ketsyha’s words and music have found its perfect picturization in Hernández’s vision and we tasted the sweet fruit of their earnest attempt. It is quite understandable how as a fellow Puerto Rican, Hernández has been able to tell the stories that the people of the land have gone through.

 The music video is shot in Puerto Rico and Hernández has been successful to capture the core essence of the land through his frames. Each frame captures the mental trauma that characters have gone through. The scenic beauty is pleasing to the eyes, the backdrop represents the scarred land and gives us a glimpse of the horror and loss the characters have gone through.


Apart from its immediate context, the song is very relevant in today’s time. The entire world has been through a massive transition due to the Pandemic. Many people have plunged themselves into deep pain and are still lost in their inner suffering. The song is also a great way to reach out to them. The world at this point needs positivity. This song provides just that!

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