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Paris- the city of Films, partisans and other forms of sabotage

Paris- the city of Films
Anubhav Chakraborty

June 14, 2021 3 min read

Paris,the city of art is known worldwide for its richness in Culture,History and Cinema.For centuries of years paris has been the central attraction for the artists from around the world. The city changed its name from Parisii to Paris during the fourth century. In the middle ages Paris used to be the largest city in Europe and an eminent commercial centre being the birthplace of Gothic style of Architecture. In the 19th century, Napoleon embellished the city with monuments to military glory. It became the European capital of fashion.

                        Paris became the centre stage of the French Revolution and events whose influence and impact can be remarkably seen on the history of France and Europe.The population reached about one hundred thousand extremely poor and disenfranchised persons, many of whom had recently moved to Paris to escape hunger in the countryside.This relentless hunger and disruption continues over the years ultimately leading to the beginning of the revolution like the eruption of a volcano.  Before Paris became the city of lights it witnessed the mayhem of revolution through burning and demolishing of the city. The revolution incorporated the subduing of what was called the feudal system,in the “LIBERATION” of an individual,the withdrawal of the privileged society and the simplification of life. The French Revolution  by its ‘Declaration of The Rights of Man and Citizen’ demonstrated the rights that embraced liberty and equality and sketched a structure of a system that includes an inclusive government to protect their own rights. The revolutionaries acknowledged that the postulate of liberty and equality they had hinged, posed fundamental questions about such issues as the status of women and the justification of slavery.

The ideas and values of the revolution were reflected in the visual arts, literature, music and outfits. The revolutionary culture was influenced by the ideas of progress, social unity, nationalism, freedom of commoners, rights of women,simplification of life and individualism.

As Phoenix from its ashes a new culture influenced by the spirit of the revolution emerged from the wreckage of the distilled City, Paris.The culture of cinema was enormously influenced by it,which is evident in the movies like Les Miserables and The tale of two cities. The new culture emerged by the revolution paves the way for the development of the world of cinema. The French Intellectualism has demonstrated itself in a phenomenal formation of theories about knowledge, liberty, and the human condition.

Filmmakers like Talal Afifi had a lot to learn from the revolution and the new culture.If we take a look at films about the French Revolution and the lessons it has to provide and the way it demands freedom, peace of mind and social justice seems like a great way to reflect on current events.In the post-revolution era of world cinema, the effect of the new culture is conspicuous through the wide and broad minded perspective to look at the world. Movies changed in such a way that a history is made and a landmine is built upon the new culture which throws light on fundamental subjects like human rights and the rights of women and liberty of an individual. The world of cinema would be forever in debt to the spirit of the revolution and the neo culturalism of coexisting.

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