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Top 5 Romantic Films of 2021

Top 5 Romantic Films of 2021 | BCIFF - Scénema
Anubhav Chakraborty

March 07, 2022 2 min read

Malcolm and Marie

Malcolm and Marie is a story about a filmmaker and his girlfriend and a plethora of oscillations between their relationship that takes place over the course of a single night. As they decide to understand and carefully dissect their relationship they are confronted with tumultuous realisations with revelations galore. With phenomenal performances from Zendaya and John D Washington, Malcolm and Marie is must watch for lovers of romance with a twist. 


The Right One


The Right One is a story about Sara and Godfrey but it is also about the tussle between reality and fiction. As Sara is writing her new book she falls for Godfrey who in due course of time fears for being the perfect muse for an author. The plot is quite an interesting one as it brings back the age old Pygmalion debate that discussed the possibility of love in a domain of perfection.


The Map of Tiny Perfect Things


The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a quirky sci-fi drama about two individuals who are forced to repeat the deeds and occurences of a single day as they are stuck inside a time loop. The performances of  Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen are praiseworthy.

Mark and Margaret open the countless windows that they had kept unopened inside them. They try to find beauty within the tedious atmosphere they are stuck inside, as they contemplate their lives and things they must do now possessing a lot of affection for one another. 


West Side Story


West Side Story is not another musical or one in the many retellings of Romeo and Juliet. The story revolves around two individuals desperately trying to locate love in a domain of violence and hatred. The rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks ,  Tony and Maria’s sometimes successful transgressions, beautiful music and dance sequences make West side story a must watch. It adds one more gem in the kitty of Steven Spielberg. 

The Last Letter From Your Lover


The Last Letter From Your Lover tells the story of a journalist who is trying to unearth the fate of certain people after finding a trove of love letters written in the year 1965. It is based on Jojo Moyes’ novel of the same name.

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