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24 : Film Review – Directed by Ekaterina Chatski

Anubhav Chakraborty

March 13, 2024 4 min read

Movie : 24

Director :Ekaterina Chatski


“ There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

Directed and Produced by Ekaterina Chatski, this movie is all about how Russia’s attack on Ukraine impacted people in general. While this movie is about Ukraine and Russia, and in no way is it political or supports any one of the countries. This movie has an emotional element and it’s not about the politics that are going on between two warring parties. While it’s true that Ukraine is on the weaker side and Russia has a stronghold, many Russians feel shame and consider the way a ruthless act. In today’s world, where people are talking about world peace, the way the war started all out of the blue and how people had to leave their homes to rescue lives is truly shattering.

This story revolves mainly around the shame that’s faced by the Russians in general. People of Russia are ashamed and also people living in other countries and of Russian origin feel shameful to go out and  many have secluded themselves after this news came out. The seclusion is due to extreme sham and how people are misunderstanding Russian culture and in general forming an incorrect opinion about Russians solely based on the war and its events.

The movie 24 revolves around a couple who lives in Costa Rica and is enjoying their vacation there. The couple are in the car and listening on the radio, when all of a sudden they hear the news from the radio. The news has it that Russia has attacked Ukraine. The war has started. Hearing the news, the female protagonist of the movie feels ashamed and decides to stay silent. At home, she isolates herself and all her activities are silenced. She just does nothing and is feeling shameful and steeped in sorrow because of the turn of events. This itself shows how war does not only directly impact people, but also affects many others indirectly.

The protagonist is of Russian origin and this is the reason why she feels very much ashamed to go out in public. The attack on Ukraine definitely put Russia in a bad light and this stance questioned the tradition and culture of Russia. This war actually had put many Russians in a bad light, especially people living outside Russia who had to face the strange looks of others. The protagonist feared this and was utterly dismayed at the turn of events and how being of Russian origin things seemed all the more humiliating. Even if she sympathized with the Ukrainian war victims and sufferers, her emotions would be mocked and she would be taken as a sadist.

While all these thoughts tormented the protagonist, her partner and also her husband came to her rescue. He encouraged her and saved her from this mental agony by throwing Ariandne’s thread. This thread rescued her from the constant torments that she was fighting against. While she was not fighting a war, the real war was inside her.

 She was carrying the cross of her country and hoping to find peace and salvation from this problem. However, the peace sent by Jesus was from her husband who helped her find true salvation from this grief and misery. While she could change nothing for Ukraine and neither can she erase her Russian origin, she found the thread of hope and made her way from the deep depression that had buried her soul inside the ground.

The movie depicts how people are against war and violence. War has no nationality and people from any region, culture or origin long for peace. Russia might be at war with Ukraine, but the issue is completely political and has nothing to do with the citizens of Russia. People of the world stand for peace and this movie portrays it excellently. Definitely a must-watch! 


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