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Meta Verse : Film Review – Directed by Sofia Ogneva

Anubhav Chakraborty

March 15, 2024 4 min read

Movie Name – Meta Verse

Director – Sofia Ogneva 


Meta Verse – The virtual world of Sofia Ogneva

In this movie, there are two protagonists Vera and Daniel. The first part is about Vera who is living her best life with a cute pup and her partner Daniel. Dressed in a beautiful floral dress, the lady is full of life and has the charm and grace that all desire. She heads out to a party and comes back a little drunk. She rests and thinks that her day is just getting better. Vera is fond of her dog and is pretty. She is enjoying her life to the fullest.

However, the next morning she wakes up to find that her dog is missing and things just look wrong. She thinks that this is not her world, she is probably living in some other reality – maybe virtual reality – Meta Verse. Yes, Vera calls up her friend Jessica who is busy studying and Jessica dismisses Vera’s concern for her dog or the beach party that they attended the previous night.

All these things leave Vera utterly confused and she thinks that she is not well and needs to take some rest. This is definitely not Vera’s world and she needs to get back to her perfect paradise. A little bit of rest might help. With these thoughts in mind, Vera goes back to sleep, but she wakes up to being a mother with a kid. While she doesn’t find her husband present with her, she plays with the kid and sees a picture of a puppy. It’s Vera’s dog and she somehow understands that she has seen this dog somewhere. Vera is curious how she finds this dog relatable and how just by seeing the picture she finds a connection.

The next virtual reality – Vera wakes up startled in a forest. She checks her phone, but unfortunately, she has only two people in her contact list whom she doesn’t know well. She has her dog with her but other than that she just finds everything wrong. She definitely doesn’t lead this life and there is something amiss. That’s the time Vera finds her medical reports that say that she has delusional disorder. While every time she thinks where did her life just go? The truth she finds in the papers is that she is suffering from a delusional disorder. This leaves Vera aghast and she thinks this is her main problem.

However, back to the other protagonist – Daniel Fisher. This guy leads a pretty organized and boring life. Compared to Vera Smith, Daniel’s life is very boring and he has a monotonous way of living. He drinks coffee and does his work. However, the subject here is virtual reality.

Virtual reality takes the person to a real-life experience where they get to do things in person. While it can be a fairytale, many times it can also become a horrific nightmare. In the case of Vera, we find that she lives a fairytale life, all decked up and ready to hit the party, the next moment her life is caged and she feels it’s more like a nightmare.

Then, again she finds herself with a kid and parenting the child. Lastly, Vera finds herself in the forest with no contacts and no one to connect to, except for her dog. These are the different aspects of virtual reality as the same person finds themselves in different situations and is aghast as it’s a real-life experience. Daniel Fisher is found operating the computer and creating these experiences. While Daniel leads a monotonous boring life, it’s Vera who leads an interesting one that’s a dream at one time and then suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Virtual reality is definitely a great concept. But while sometimes, it can prove to be a blessing, during other times if the experience is not very pleasant this reality turns into a nightmare! If you are interested in sci-fi movies, then this one is an interesting watch!


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