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My Digital Truth : Film Review – Directed by Swen Werner

Anubhav Chakraborty

March 15, 2024 4 min read

Movie – My Digital Truth

Director – Swen Werner


Digital Truth – The Power of AI Bots


Since humans started thinking and learning they have been intrigued by the idea of life and the universe. People have been trying to understand the real meaning of life and seeking the ultimate truth. Can an AI bot answer the real truth? Can AI technology have the answers related to philosophical questions, these are the things that have intrigued people in general. In this wonderful movie, we learn the Digital Truth – how an AI chat smartly answers the questions of a banker who is physically unwell and also has almost his mother.

The director of the movie Swen Werner is a finance expert and he investigates the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in his 9-minute animation movie. With the progress of technology, many things have arisen and AI bots are smart enough to assemble all philosophies to answer the queries of these questions. The movie looks more like an autobiography but the animated portions are interesting and intriguing. This short story talks about the life of a banker who is looking for answers through an AI program.

The setting of the movie is when he is at home and on sick leave. The banker has recently lost his mother and also has been diagnosed with an illness, which is why he is at home and asking random questions to the AI chatbot.

He started with quotations from philosophers the banker questions the AI-bot about everything he is curious about. This is the start of a friendly conversation between the bot and the human banker. The friendship between the banker and the AI chatbot is definitely remarkable which is why this movie – The Digital Truth is an interesting watch. The protagonist in the movie is the banker who finds a friend in the AI-bot. The remarkable thing is that instead of critically looking at AI, the director takes a different approach and AI is depicted as a blessing rather than a curse.

In the movie, we find that the banker starts questioning the philosophical stuff of the AI bot and then things take a shift as Werner attempts to capture the effectiveness and essence of incorporating artificial intelligence in our daily lives – like how we are dealing with family issues, medical misdiagnosis and other stressful events.

In the short film, artificial intelligence is utilised to its full potential as it happily and readily answers all the questions asked by the banker. The AI tool is quite useful and delivers satisfactory answers that keep the banker engaged and happy. The editing of the movie is impeccable and the successive intrusion of the slide cards along with the narrative elements works exceptionally well. The writing and direction are extremely intelligent and resourceful and the story is truly intriguing and raises a lot of thoughtful questions.

The essence of the movie is that AI is a great tool and there is nothing to fear. In fact, AI is here to help and serve. While AI can be a great friend for the lonely banker who is ill and also a bit depressed due to the loss of his mother, human relationships always come first. Again, it cannot be dismissed how the AI tool keeps the banker in good spirits and doesn’t get annoyed during the entire conversation.

In the end, this movie is truly inspiring and offers a positive outlook on the future that will be dominated by artificial intelligence. The use of technology is feared by many as people feel it might destroy the world. On the flip side, this movie shows how technology can be a blessing and can uplift the world. In the world of digitalisation where AI has been greatly criticised, this movie has a very different and refreshing approach that’s worth your time. While AI bots are much feared, they can be a blessing in disguise if utilised in the right way.



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