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Concerto for Abigail : Film Review – Directed by Jan Miller Corran

Anubhav Chakraborty

March 16, 2024 4 min read

Movie Name – Concerto for Abigail

Director – Jan Miller Corran   


Music and Samantha’s deafening silence


Samantha Porter seems to have everything in life. The forty-five-year-old world-renowned pianist has tasted success for her talent and skill which has grown over the years and helped her to reach the top position. However, her world came shattering down, when she realized that she had been suffering from progressive hearing loss and one day she would turn completely deaf unable to hear anything. This situation is extremely grave for a pianist whose soul resides in creating good music is put in such a situation where she would not be able to hear notes, voices and even hear the applause that she is so habituated to receive from people after her show is over.

The director brings the story to life by casting the actors who are best fit for the roles. The film starring Andrea Bogart, Jetta Martin and Monica Young is definitely worth a watch. The casting is perfect as the actors portray the character to perfection. The writer and director Jan Miller Corran is a multi-award winner writer, director and producer. She has been consulted and produced films since 1995 and is well-known for some notable work like Bout of a Cuppa, Along Came Wanda and more. This new movie which is set to be released in the year 2024, stars Monica Young as Samantha Porter, Andrea Bogart as Abigail and Jetta

Martin as Susan. While these are the main characters acting in this film, you will also come across other notable actors like Saskia Baur, playing the character Dr. Mary Christopher, and many other remarkable actors who will leave their mark on the film and your heart. 

What makes this movie stand out from all others is its approach to a sensitive topic and how the protagonists come  to terms with reality. The beauty of his movie is that the acting is just right, perfect and real. The emotions  portrayed  do not look awkward and feel real and genuine. The emotional turmoil and the loss faced by Samantha is  well portrayed by the actor Monica Young. She fits perfectly with the character and depicts every scene with utmost  dedication which  makes her character and acting stand out. Monica is definitely a Director’s favorite and has  followed the instructions of Jan Miller Corran to  perfection. The work of the director Jan is  truly commendable as  she understands how to create the scene perfectly, with the right cast, perfect location and the right flow of words.  Every dialogue delivered in the film has been curated keeping in mind the need for the role and how to explicitly  portray the emotions.

From dialogue delivery to the exceptional acting and casting the right people  for the role, the director does an exceptional job. The story is unique and the  process of storytelling is so smooth that the viewer is instantly drawn to the  plot. The movie is definitely worth a watch if you are interested in viewing  something sensitive that has a realistic edge to it. Although the story might feel sad and dull, the ending is surely magnificent and has a very different  twist to the tale.

Concerto for Abigail is definitely a movie to remember. It’s a heart-touching movie and something that will make you think and dwell on the topic. The director has done a marvelous job and given her everything to this plot. If you are looking for a movie that is innovative, thought-provoking, classy and yet different from the rest – then we would recommend watching this masterpiece. So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch Concerto for Abigail!

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