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A Feast That Never Comes | Film Review

Anubhav Chakraborty

June 29, 2022 3 min read

Movie : A feast that never comes

Director : Maria Juranic 


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”


Oscar Wilde


A feast that never comes is an ingenious retort to the pedantic arguments about structure. Perhaps it represents everything that is best seen without a form on the screen. An ideal movie for the deconstructionists across the globe. 

The title serves as a clairvoyant harbinger of an event without an event, a conclusion without a conclusion. It is a journey where every step must be savoured. The thrill of every turn , for better or worse must be experienced. There are a myriad of colours across the frames. Colours representing the multidimensionality of human beings. The various facets lurking inside an ever evolving consciousness. 

Another mesmerising aspect of the film gyrates around the phenomenon of synchronicity. The occurences that would somehow seem unrelated at a first glance appear to be connected by a profound spiritual bond. Some potent universal force links the occurrences together. 

The connection describes the impersonal nature of grief, the impersonal nature of mirth and the impersonal nature of inevitability. The glances , the smiles , the sufferings, everything come together to form a harmonious whole without the ossifications of form plagued by limitations. 

The philosophical enquiry oscillates around two chief characters, song and dance. They have something in common. Their ubiquitous nature in a strange way makes them simultaneously exist everywhere. From leaps of ecstasy to falls of suffering. The loudest groans, the most cheerful laughter, the silent tears are all encompassed by a melodious sense of togetherness. The movie pledges to discuss existence in all its splendor and devastations. It does so impeccably. 

It is technically a well executed film. The music which plays a major role in the movie is well composed. The lyrics resonate with the thinking, reflecting, and contemplating audience. 

The stunning visuals add a significant amount of aesthetic depth to the movie. They entice, thrill and satisfy the beauty seeking glances. The moments of tension , pleasure, anger and love have been captured and displayed in an adroit manner. 

The movie provides one with an unadulterated emotive experience. 

Maria Juranic creates a theatre of sensations through the movie. Certain facets in the story are metaphorically felt, seen , heard, smelt and tasted.

Dance and Music have been portrayed as two of the highest forms of expression. They connect human beings to nature and their elements with an invisible knot. 

The movie induces a sense of Catharsis within the psyche of the audience by the end. One can then think about introspecting (specifically about life in all its glory and hardships) having dispatched the burden of excess. 

A feast that never comes represents the symphony of life in a nutshell. It is a must watch for the thinkers and the viewers alike. 


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