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A New Generation | Film Review

A New Generation
Anubhav Chakraborty

March 28, 2022 3 min read

Music video – A New Generation

Director : Jason Winfield


Rebellion is the last resort for the ones seeking justice in a world of indifference.

The title of the music video suggests difference, suggests change, suggests disruption of the highest order. A new generation becomes the harbinger of a new dawn where questions would be asked and it is clear that the oppressed would not turn the other cheek in fear of the corrupted. The title also indicates a total metamorphosis. A transformation of ideals triggering a transformation of ideas further prompting a transformation in technology and perhaps a holistic transformation of consciousness.

Gyrating around the ever expanding premise of science fiction the music video features the psychological metamorphosis of a person after he taken for a ride inside the dark domains of his desires shaped by the world around him. He ignites a sense of rebellion within every individual including himself who desires to question everything that is inaccessible , intercept every nefarious transaction taking place in silence and perhaps punish the perpetrators who have seldom faced resistance. It is evident that there is a strange silence in a world with very little care or concern. Clearly the inhabitants of the world are drowning collectively. They know very little about this. In fact they know very little about the limits they can reach , where they shall encounter the beast within them. It is in this process the machine is assisting them. It is taking them closer to themselves!

The lyrics of the song are written in the form of a story. The lines have within them a potent capacity to enlighten and incite. The lines would motivate a person, tell them that there is hope and therefore he must rise in rebellion. A rebellion that is dangerous like Nietzsche’s advice of embracing the chaos within oneself. 

The intent of the device is clear against the pretence of a world involved in mendacious deeds under the facade of diligence, justice and benevolence. 

The video sheds some light on the power possessed by the powerless. Like it is obvious that power corrupts , it is also inevitable that at some point in time, fire shall meet water, power shall collide against power and decimate a world with very few options for redemption. 

The song helps it’s listeners travel from a tranquil terrain in the beginning to a road paved with thorns , spears and arrows towards the end. The elusive sense of choice is still there. 

It is journey from order to chaos. A domino that is ominously falling for the abyss as we see the man violently rushing out of the room with a baseball bat filled with the desire to wreak havoc , towards the end of the film. Finally it is time for him to embrace the chaos within him and give rise to a dancing star as Nietzsche claimed. 

The tale stands on three pillars. The concept of rebellion – when one must demand answers as one’s right, disruption – when the established order is rotten emitting a rancid air of indifference the penchant to cease the ‘usual’ proceedings and chaos – caused by violence all around, without binaries, without limits. 

The machine is designed in a way that it would take one through the darkest alleys of the human unconscious. It would turn one for the good or the worse. For the new generation it is the impetuous light that they are chasing with a strong distaste for the ones who choose to be blind!

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