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Black Constellation is rich with secrets and great storytelling 

Anubhav Chakraborty

April 25, 2022 3 min read

Movie : Black Constellation 

Director : Jaime Urquiza


Director Jaime Urquiza explores the complexity of human minds in his latest directorial “Black Constellation.” The movie offers us a very refreshing and innovative concept. The content is engaging and connects with the audience in an instant. In the movie, the director delves deeper into the minds of its characters and brings out the darkest elements of their hearts, the elements that torment them for days. 

The movie begins in a group therapy session room where four patients are sitting surrounding the doctor. They all have a story to tell, and the doctor listens. The story then progresses to show the darkest dungeons of human minds and its complexity. We often fail to differentiate between the good and the evil and open up to the wrong person. The movie showcases that, but in a mature manner.

With the stories that the people have shared, director Jaime Urquiza shows the perils of our society. The stories are so relevant for our times, and unfortunately, relatable too! They make us aware of our surrounding and as the doctor/therapist questions the patients, the viewers too start looking for the answer. The movie creates an instant connection with its audience.

The first one who shared his story was Armando. He talks about an issue which needs more focus in today’s world. He was 12 years old when his 15 years old cousin molested and raped him. Since he was a boy, he was ashamed of such conduct and kept mum. As a result, the disgusting act was continued by his cousin and eventually they dated. Armando’s story shows us how toxicity works in relationships. People seem to have the idea of possessing the mortal body so much that the souls get sidelined. Armando’s tale also stresses on the fact that it is always important to speak out and call out such perverted beings. 

Then Octavio talks how his inferiority complex has made him a stoic in life. He considers hims

elf a disappointment and has lost the zeal to live a better life. The director makes Octavio a spokesperson of today’s youth. The problems he faces are all very familiar to this time. 

Next up we meet Carla who has recently lost her seven year old son Alex. Even though her husband Antonio wants to try for another baby, Carla is adamant and doesn’t want to let Alex go. The other two characters include Luis and the therapist. Luis seems like a truth spitting consciousness in the room, and while the therapy seems genuine, at the end we realize our eyes might have mistaken the whole concern.

The movie shows a deeper understanding towards sensitive issues and presents them in a comfortable and sensible manner.

The actors did a great job with the script. Stefano Borzato, Rodrigo Santacruz and Luciana González de León have poured their hearts into their characters , Armando, Octavio and Carla. They have portrayed their vulnerabilities, despair, helplessness and hopelessness so well. Diego Locanda’ss Luis is a adequate as the voice of question. The director Jaime Urquiza himself portrays the therapist (cr. Devil in the credit).

The camerawork of the film is brilliant. Loved when they zoomed in the faces to give a detailed picturization. The lightwork is sufficient for the plot and creates a situation of suspense that complements the plot so well. Diego Franco’s cinematography is commendable.

Overall, the film is a great exploration of human emotions and deserves a special applause.

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