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Disappearance and Mystery make Zach Price’s latest an intriguing watch!

Anubhav Chakraborty

April 25, 2022 3 min read

Movie – The Whistle

Director – Zach Price


What is security in this world? What if the world that we know to be safe and secure, is actually a space that violates us? Do we really know how things get shaped in silence! 

Zach Price’s latest directorial raises such questions in just a few minutes and makes us pause and think.

The movie is a great tale of disappearance and mystery crafted with minute care. The movie explores how the pandemic situation has detached people from one another. Ignorant and confined into their four walls people have forgotten about the neighbors who live around them. The movie has a backdrop of the recent Covid Pandemic that has altered our way of life and devastated many. (woodlees.com)  

The story revolves around Kristine, a lonely dog walker. The story is set during COVID-19 pandemic and shows us a different side of silence. In the movie, house pets begin to go missing during the pandemic. Kristin is given the responsibility of Denver. As she takes him to walk, a strange whistle plays and Denver gets attracted towards it. Kristine, intrigued and lost, looks for Denver until she stumbles upon the disturbing truth about what is lurking in the nearby forest. A truth that could change her life course forever. 

The movie shows how the absence of humans paves way to the degeneration of certain humans and how they channel their anger on the innocent beings. The anger and frustration that humans usually lock inside in front of the public eyes for a long time, get unleashed once they begin to be in seclusion. The dark thought probably prompts the killer to kill innocent lives. The movie shows us multiple possibilities. The anger and resentment of the killer might have started from the loss of care and love. During pandemic, many people lost their livelihood and ended up without any support- be it financial or mental. In such a situation, it might be very possible that, when the killer (called Whistle in the credits) saw the dogs being taken care of, pointed his anger and resentment towards the animals. Nonetheless, the movie showcased how problematic things go unnoticed until they create a huge impact on things. 

The last scene of the movie is dark and steeped in blood. It shows the helplessness of the poor dog walker as she gets horrified with the human atrocities. It’s painful how her life takes such a turn that makes her unable to go back to her previous state. The movie is well crafted and shows the mark of a witty presentation. It’s marvelous how Price has created something so great with just one actor. Eme Howell’s Kristine carries the whole narrative on her shoulders, and Howell has perfectly portrayed the lonely woman. A special mention should go to Bentley for filling our hearts with love and warmth as Denver. The movie might be around eight minutes but it’s astonishing how Price shows such a complex theme in just a short span of time. The movie is edited by Dylan Boquerin and his skill makes the mystery even more compact. The camerawork of this movie is impeccable. Hope Price gifts us many such amazing works in future!

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