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Clash: The Story Of Love And Revenge

Clash Film Review
Anubhav Chakraborty

June 10, 2021 3 min read

If you suddenly find out that the story you’re living is not your story, how will you react? Orlando Giraldo’s clash shudders you. The story’s narrative varies from time to time. But mostly, the story unfurls through the eyes of a young man who is a police investigator. He is an orphan with no one left in the world except his sister. The director has designed this character as a reserved one. He doesn’t speak much and keeps himself busy at work. But his love for his sister is genuine. Here, the director focuses on the eternal love between two siblings. The story tells a story of love, bonding, connection, and revenge.

Clash Film Review Clash quenches the thirst of action movie lovers. If you love Hollywood style action-centric movies, give it a shot. The director Orlando Giraldo says, “To me, the film is an art that conveys different emotions, images, thoughts. It is an interactive journey between the viewer and the director. We build the story together. Clash is an expression of all my film influences and emotions.” From Canada, this movie has already traveled almost across the world. Many national and international film festival’s feathers have been added to their crown. Along with International Independent Film Awards – Fall SessionEncino, California, United States, December 28, 2020, Silver Award Winner – Narrative Short the team has secured Phoenix Short Film Festival Monthy Edition – December 2020 EditionToronto, Canada, January 4, 2021, Official Selection.

Clash Film Review The list doesn’t end here for they had been selected in Canadian Cinematography AwardsToronto, Canada, Semifinalist :BEST HORROR/THRILLER FILM/BEST ORIGINAL SCORE and Venice Shorts – Monthy Selection January 2021Venice, California, United States, Official Selection. Beyond the Curve International Film Festival – December 2020Paris, France, January 31, 2021, Winner- Best Thriller is another achievement.

Anne TurnerOrlando Giraldo is the writer, director, and producer of the film. He even played a short role here. Recalling his acting days, he stated, “Though I started my career as an actor, I always had an intricate love for movies in me. That love demanded more from me.” The director has put all his imagination and creativity into this movie. He wants to give special credit to the actors Anne Turner, Scott Durden, and Jonas Turner. He says that the film had never been possible without their flawless and subtle acting. The movie’s budget is only 15 USD. No matter how unbelievable, this is the truth. The movie is the fruit of an unwavering passion.

Clash Film Review As the ups and downs in our life, Clash depicts the heart-wrenching picture of a brother who has suffered a lot due to his sister’s murder. A seamless pattern has continuously followed the movie. Camera angles, depth shots, and point of view shots are worth praising. By the end of the movie, the viewers understand that the clash has been both external and internal. The movie’s delicate balance is depending on the inner conflict of the protagonist.

ClashAs a mixture of crime, love, and revenge, this movie is a direct reflection of human life. Clash is an exemplary plot taken from all of our lives.

Clash Film Review

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