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Demu Film Review Directed by Jonathan R Cartwright 

Anubhav Chakraborty

November 02, 2022 3 min read

Movie : Demu

Director: Jonathan R Cartwright 


Demu in all probability insinuates the arrival of demons with the ominous intent of devouring mankind once and for all. However the resilient spirit of mortals would not allow certain dark forces to take over without any kind of resistance. They would certainly be ready for a fight. 

The narrative of Demu is structured around fear. Fear that evades logic leading mankind towards tumultuous deeds eventually resulting in agonising outcomes. The element of fear slowly builds as the story progresses. A bizarre course of occurences rattle a couple of individuals. It shatters their sense reality. 

The predominant fear surrounds the unknown perhaps involving certain dark contours of the past. The intention of the unknown could have always been to bring itself out in the light. Further, it also tries to communicate with the mortal world, the realm of everything tangible. Probably it has the intention of sending a message. The failure however is causing terrifying events. 

In the beginning the story assumes the structure of an object driven by ominous tales. Tales specifically around the park, people disappearing because of evil forces etc. 

The director attempts to show the various indicators of evil through computer generated graphics. The spider, a possible dark zone appear as tools employed to consolidate the presence of evil. 

The sequence involving a nightmare is the best part about the movie. It resembles the translucent nature of a dream. A certain lack of clarity around a dark yet active environment amplifies the thrill and horror in the sequence. 

The reference of hooded men without eyes probably refers to a group of vengeful individuals from the other side. 

The tussle between good and evil forces makes the movie entertaining and adds thrill to the narrative. The characters getting consumed by evil and eventually turning into the same adds a certain kind of unpredictability to the plot. 

On a lighter note, evil in Demu probably wants to turn the tables and finally walk a step ahead of the otherwise loathsome, lazy and destructive human race. 

The story predominantly revolves around two characters, Issac and Ben. They are friends from college. They want to spend their spring break well. Their intent is to have fun, find glee in the moments spent with their college buddies.  However they soon encounter a lethal adversary. An invincible force from the dark that has lurking around a park for years. Evidently the force wants to establish some form of communication with the mortal. It wishes to send a message.

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