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For I Am Dead : A Dark, Surreal Drama | Film Review

Anubhav Chakraborty

July 09, 2022 3 min read

Movie : For I am dead 

Director : Patricia Delso Lucas


Contrary to the title of the movie, the story of Oscar is a bleak yet glorious celebration of life. Life in all its splendour and chaos. The movie displays the myriad colours of life. The life of an unfortunate mortal full of profound regrets and late realisations. It is the story of a man who has failed to comprehend the meaning life. He has led a vacuous life without the glimmer of sunshine and the opulence of the rain. In short he has led a life without love. Having failed to fathom the true meaning of love Oscar develops within himself a lust for luxury. Knowingly he chases trivial objects turning into a repugnant and resentful man. 

However when he is perhaps certain about having fallen in love, he is overwhelmed by the infinite presence of mirth in the feeling itself. He assumes that it is the dominating presence of the devil who is making him lose his sense of reality.  Reality which was for him rather rancid and sterile. Ironically he believes the devil has captured the soul of the person he his in love with and is now enticing him inescapable beauty.



Beauty that is fatal to the existence of a man who has seldom seen colours in his life. A man who is poor in his soul despite living a life full of grandeur. The conversations between Oscar and   are fraught with moments of epiphany. Realisations that could demolish the consciousness of an ignorant man.

Through his confessions Oscar makes the thoughtful contemplate the nature of happiness and love. Happiness and Love that need no external valuation. Happiness and Love that is rarely found in quantifiable objects. He reveals what true emptiness might feel like to one who grovelling in the dust of solitude around indifferent people and expensive objects that are only there for the external value.

Oscar is reminiscent of his childhood. He remembers a few forgettable moments with his mother. Perhaps an indication of the trauma he has kept hidden from everyone.  He starts hallucinating. His encounters death in a dungeon where he is more trapped than hurt. 

The exceptional performances keep the narrative tightly knit.  The intensity of the tale is retained because of the strong performances delivered. 

The cinematography must be credited as well. The juxtaposition of smoke and fire, light and darkness appear appropriately done. The representation of emptiness as well enhances the visual strength of the movie. 

Much of the story is told through visuals. Visuals that are visceral in nature. The fear of Oscar, his hallucinations, his descent down the abyss of ruination – every aspect affects the viewer a certain way. It makes them pity Oscar and value the abundance in life beyond wealth and power. The effective use of candles play a effective role in this pursuit.

For I am dead is a movie that chronicles multiple deaths. Deaths both symbolic and metaphorical. Death that signifies a lifeless life, an imprisoned life, a life full of darkness.

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